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About Me

Feeling overwhelmed? You found the venue but is not available. You invited all your family and friends but cannot seem to keep up with the rsvp's or you are finally excited to plan your wedding but you found it hard to start? What if I told you that I have just the right tools to help you plan your perfect day?


I found that having a wedding planner to help you organize your event and making sure everything you desire to plan out the way you want, is one of the most outstanding nonstressful feeling ever. 


You can choose the perfect package that will fit your needs by telling me what your needs are. I will do everything that needs to be done so that you can just worry about your everyday life. 


I will follow your timeline, book your venue and host your bridal shower and keep everyone happy including *YOU*. I can also help with everything in between. Like your parent, in-laws-to-be, family, friends, groom, etc. Planning your wedding can be very frustrating. That is why I love to help plan them, so you can be stress-free. 


I have been planning events for over 15 years. I am a Wedding/Event Planner/Coordinator and I have planned weddings, Quinceanera, sweet 16s, birthdays, baby showers, etc. with the help of a friend, that has convinced me to start my own business. 


I remember when I was planning my wedding, I was so excited but it did not hit me hard until I had to make my invitations. All of my emotions flooded to the surface and I felt so overwhelmed. I had the serious case of A.D.D. which help me understand, truly, what a bride's to be must of felt like. 


So, learning how I felt when I got married, It gave me a better understanding on how to plan a wedding. 


Please take a look around and visit my Facebook page at 


Love Letters

I have to honestly say that I have never encountered such a wonderful event planner. I contacted Christine Mandry from Mari's Creative Events and within two days I had a date set up to meet her. She had a busy schedule but was able to squeeze me in.  I came to her with my head cut off for my daughter's Quinceañera ( sweet 15) and from day one she was nothing less that gracious and helpful. 


Everything was planned down to the last crucial detail.  The party was a success.  The food was great the décor was wonderful. The photographer she referred me to was also amazing. I would recommend her planning services to anyone.  I did not have to worry about a thing and was able to focus on my daughter and ensuring she has a wonderful birthday!!!


Thank you Christine for all your help and professionalism


Angela Richards

One very Happy Client

After meeting with Christine, I knew she would be up for any challenge I gave her. Christine has a creative eye and can turn what your thinking of into a reality. She is the perfect person to bounce ideas off of. Her artistic vision and professionalism are refreshing. I go to Christine for all my upcoming events, as a photographer every detail is important and I can always count on Christine to make sure it's perfect!


Robert Nieves

Satisfied Client and Photographer

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