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MJay 40th Birthday Party.

A little late then ever, but what the heck right? I had a pleasure of planning a wonderful 40th Birthday Party. It was a surprise Birthday Party for my clients BFF! Ashley has been friends with MJay since they where just little girls.

Ashley was very worried to plan this birthday party for her BFF. She did not know where to start and let alone how to plan it. So, Ashley reached out to me and asked if I can help plan her surprise birthday party for her. I was so pleased to be asked to plan such an honorable event. Concidering the fact that MJay usually is the planner for her friends and family events.

Let alone, I was able to plan a Glamours New York City theme party, with lots of balloons and draping. A beautiful cake that complement her style and a photobooth on site so that she can have lots of memories.

A beautiful cake and great decorations.

It was a wonderful night!

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