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Happy New Year!!!!


Phew what a year. I have to honestly say that I had a great year in 2016. I have moved into my own place for the first time in 6 years and I love it. But at first it was hard for me to fathom the fact that I am on my own again, let alone why I had to be on my own again. This was something I needed to get used to doing again.

I have to say being on my own again help me realize that I was not 100% with myself and my current situation. Meaning, I was not really paying attention to my health and my business the way I should have been. I have gain some weight from being so stressed out and I have put my business on hold due to not having the time to work it and being home less and less every day to just get away from my situation at home. I spent a lot of time working at my full time job that I was not really giving my business the love it needed. Now come on, how was I supposed to make money if I was not happy?

It was hard to focus and deal with decisions I had to make to be a happier me. I needed help working my business and the only one person that could of help me didn’t want to help me anymore. (note to self: never have your spouse or girlfriend, be your assistant) it doesn’t work. Okay, so honestly, I had to man up and take control of my life and my dreams. WHAT!!

What does that mean to me? Well what I did was cry and slept a lot. Yup, I did. I was so emotion and I had it all bottled in and the only way I knew how to release my anger was to be kind to myself. I started to decorate my home and get knew things to make it look pretty and mine. I started to pay attention to my business more and spend time with my daughter.

Spending time with my daughter help me get through my emotions. We went to the movies and some dinners together. It was awesome. I started to feel better for myself and I started to meet new people and do new things. I started to read up on new things for my business as well and found FEA (Female Entrepreneur Association). I have to say that I have had been waiting for this member site to open for a year and it finely opened up and I was able to sign up to be a member.

Signing up for FEA, was one of the best thing that has happened to me. Being part of this member site help me excel so much in 2016. I have learned new things and it help me launch my website and gave me the courage to earn revenue. I call the FEA friends, family. It is a wonderful place to grab resources and help with your business. I am very pleased with FEA.

Now that I was able to learn new things, I kept moving forward and fast. I am still working on my business of course; I do not think I will ever stop. But, it helps me understand what I can get out of my business. You see, I love planning any event; that can be, weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, baby showers, etc. I find real joy in that my clients are happy with what I love to do.

Well, till next time.

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