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Wedding Management Services

What does this mean? Wedding Management Services use to be called the Month of Coordination or the Day of. Why did we change the name? Well, it is pretty simply. Well, I think it is.

It is a lot more then just a Month of, It is more like 6-8 weeks of planning and the Day of is more like 4 weeks of planning. You see, even though we used to put the Month of or the Day of, it is really not so. I start to plan a few weeks before so I can make sure we have every thing in place so the wedding can go smoothly.

This package has no constraints which I manage all aspects of your wedding. It is just a shorter view of a service I provide. It is cheaper then a full package but it has all the qualities of a partical package. The wedding industries are changing how we are servicing for a better understanding on terms and what we offer to the public.

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