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Finding my Niche for my Wedding/Event Business

How frustrating it can be when it comes to finding my niche. I have had the hardest time figuring that out. People ask what is your brand or niche? I just look at them straight in their eyes and say I DON'T KNOW, then shear pankic starts to rush through me.

So I have to ask myself is, what is it that I like to do the most? I love planning any party. But my favorite is Weddings. But I find myself doing more baby showers than weddings. I love to use balloons in my parties/events. I love balloons, the more the merrier. Hmmm......

Well I started to read this articule from Alision Kasko, she wrote an articule about 5 niche event planning business for the off beat planner (me).

She had 5 different things she spoke about and they all made sense to me. The one that I found that put me in my place was the pop-up events. You see I want to target everyone but I have my own style to work with. I love doing weddings, babyshowers, quinceaneras, sweet 15s, and birthday parties. But I can also do corporate events, grand opennings, and charity fundraisers, etc. Right alone with LGBTQ and Handfastings.

So I figure I can start my brand now that I know what my niche is. Now finding the colors I want to use for my brand. Branding, my next headache lots to learn. This has taken me a long time to get done. Because it has had me thinking too much about what I really want for my business. Phew I am tired just thinking about it. lol

So now the branding starts. please if you have any ideas what kind of branding I can use for being a pop-up wedding/event planner/coordinator, be my guest and comment below.

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